Gold Star Squid bodies are manufactured by the Yamaria Corporation of Japan, The Company was founded in 1941 by Captain Kasutaro Yamashita, who was a tuna fishing boat captain. 


Once caught in a storm, Capt. Yamashita was shipwrecked.  He noticed that fish were biting at the colored rags that were floating in the water.  Surprised he reasoned that if fish would bite artificial material, he might use artificial instead of natural bait.


He asked plastics industry scientists to provide him with a material which would be soft enough to resemble a fish, but strong, thin and elastic.  The material also had to maintain its life-like features in warm or cold water.  They succeeded.


Using bait made from the new material Yamashita’s catch increased.  He was so pleased that he named his new lures “Golden Bait”


#12 Shrimp

#15 Micro Squid

#35 Needle Fish

#20 Mini Sardine

#35 Octopus

Magnum Squid

Kajiki Squid


Double Skirt

#25 Michael Bait